Convert Your Ice Rink Away from Freon R22

It’s Time to Convert

Did you know the Environmental Protection Agency recently ruled that all ice rinks must convert their cooling systems away from Freon or R22? The deadline to complete these conversions is fast approaching. Total Mechanical Services can help convert your ice rink away from Freon R22.

The Expertise You Need

Total Mechanical is an industry expert in commercial piping and HVAC systems. We understand and have the know-how to work with the mechanical aspects of your ice rink’s repair, maintenance, and construction. We’ve both converted old systems away from Freon and we’ve built new ice rinks from the ground up.

For your ice rink, Total Mechanical Services is your solution for converting your ice rink refrigeration system. We have the equipment and the man-power in-place to convert your rink.

Let us help you bring your ice rink up-to-date and convert it away from Freon R22. Contact us today.